Website Wish Kit

you’ll move from

stuck and overwhelmed by technofuss


Holy HTML, Batman, I know exactly what to do next!

Whether you are frustrated with a specific website-related task…

…or your website is still a twinkle in your eye and you don’t know what to do next to make it a reality…

…or you started a website so long ago that you’ve already outgrown it and you haven’t even launched it yet…

The Website Wish Kit can help you figure out how to move forward.

“…my website is something I actually can figure out.”

I got so much out of this class. My website issues felt enormously overwhelming for a long time, and every way I attempted to dissolve obstacles seemed only to create more. This process finally gave me hope that I can create a clear path for myself.

Wendy offered a way for me to look into the dark, scary cavern of my frustration about my website, and gently assisted me in seeing — seeing in places I thought were far too dark.

Applying this process to my website woes and confusion, and Wendy’s thoughtfulness and willingness to hold my hand through it, had a huge impact on my feeling that my website is something I actually can figure out.

–A. S.

Billions and billions of choices…sometimes you just feel lost and insignificant…

Do you feel stuck and overwhelmed whenever you think about your website?

You’re not alone.

I’ve certainly felt that way.

I remember when I first installed WordPress on my own, and my rush of hey howaboutthat, I did it! suddenly turned into oh crap, what do I do next? I had no idea how to get the pages to look the way I wanted them to. Worse than that, I discovered I wasn’t even sure exactly how I wanted them to look.

And that was the heart of the problem. Even though I could — and did — wade through countless tutorials and how-to guides to answer the technological questions, the process of making the decision in the first place was always agonizing. How should I choose? Whose advice should I follow?

It always came back to oh crap, what do I do next?

And then I met Jen Hofmann.

What works for your office can work for your website.

If you don’t already know Jen, know this: She’s amazing. Long before she started the Americans of Conscience Checklist, she used to coach small business owners, and she sold a simple yet magical guide called the Home Office Wish Kit, which taught me to look at my workspace with completely new eyes.

Where I had felt overwhelmed, I now saw clearly what my next step was. Where I had been frustrated, I had hope.

And then it hit me.

See, for years I’ve told my clients that their websites are like a kind of office, because their website is the first place their prospective clients meet and get to know them. I advised them to put the same care into their online offices as they would (or did) with a physical meeting place.

If Jen’s Wish Kit process worked for a real live office, surely it would work for a virtual one.

That’s how the Website Wish Kit was born.

When I told Jen about my idea to use her process on websites, she generously gave me permission to quote her original Wish Kit, describe the process, and even use the name Wish Kit for my version. I would never have done any borrowing without her specific permission.

The Website Wish Kit is a compass that helps you navigate…no matter where you’re lost.

I took my own experience working through website stuckness, and my many hours of teaching and coaching my clients through their own flavors of that same stuckness, and added the three-step Wish Kit process I had learned from Jen.

The result: The Website Wish Kit.

I know that your website, like you, is unique. The specific steps you will take to move forward from your stucknesses and questions, whether technological or mental, are unique to you.

And the amazingly simple process of figuring out what those steps are is universal.

It’s like a compass: A tool that’s useful no matter what terrain surrounds you, no matter how long you’ve been out there, no matter how many times you’ve walked in circles.

“…changed my mental attitude about websites forever!”

Wendy leads you through a process that will turn the way you think about doing your web site upside down. If you’re not in love with your web site, this class can help you create a vision for it that feels great and figure out the steps needed to get you there. Simple, fun, transformative, what’s not to love?

After taking the Website Wish Kit class, I definitely felt more able to handle the web stuff I need to do. I’m more hopeful, more gentle with myself, more ready to get myself the help and support that will make the process easier.

I am so glad I took this class. I got the feeling that the help it gave me is something that’s going to unfold over a long period of time. Wendy might have even changed my mental attitude about web sites forever. Zoinks!

–Darcy Prince

End your overwhelm in just 90 minutes with the Website Wish Kit.

Set aside an hour and a half to read through the Wish Kit, answer the questions, and record your answers in the printable workbook.

I truly believe that if you do the exercises in the Website Wish Kit, you will:

  • Feel better about your unique tech situation
  • Know exactly what your next step will be
  • Free yourself from the place you’ve been stuck for so long
  • Generate a non-scary action plan, with specific steps, customized to your needs
  • Build momentum as each action step reinforces the next one
  • Make website-related decisions more quickly and more easily
  • Experience the relief that comes from taking even the smallest step forward
  • Gain the confidence to communicate with tech experts who can help you

All this is possible, without paying big bucks or getting a computer science degree.

I’ve designed the Website Wish Kit for regular people, not tech experts. It’s written in plain English, and you really can sit down and do all the exercises in about an hour and a half.

Doing these exercises won’t teach you how to do specific technological tasks. It won’t make you a WordPress expert or explain the Top Ten Secrets of Getting Major Big Traffic.

What it will do is help you get crystal clear about what you want from your website, so that you can design an action plan for how to get there, step by baby step.

“…exactly what I needed to get unstuck.”

Within two days of attending the Website Wish Kit class, I had my website up and running as I wished it to be. I’d been struggling to make it happen for months, and this class was exactly what I needed to get unstuck. I’d been thinking I needed more technical knowledge, but Wendy’s course helped me get really clear about what I and my readers needed from my new site. Then, it was easy to work out the technical stuff to meet those needs and wishes.

Thanks and thanks and thanks! You’ve helped me jump the hurdle between wanting and dreaming of a better website and actually making it happen! I’ve gotten so much momentum since taking this class. I feel so much more productive when working on my site now, rather than just spinning my wheels.

–Beth M.

In fact, it’s perfect for people just like you…and me!

I used the Website Wish Kit process to help me with my most recent website redesign, and it has also helped people who were starting their very first websites. Do any of these situations sound familiar?

  • You know you need a website, but you don’t know where to begin.
  • You’ve been stuck forever in an endless loop, and can’t seem to make any forward progress.
  • You’ve experimented with a variety of tools and systems and none of them really fit you.
  • You’ve paid a web professional and gotten frustrated with communication failures and changes taking forever.
  • You’re frustrated because you find it hard to articulate your vision.

People in each of these situations have made their first excited, confident steps forward with the help of the Website Wish Kit. I firmly believe that you can too.

The Website Wish Kit class was full of revelations for me. I found it really really helpful because it springboarded me into knowing what I wanted to do next and prompted some important changes in how I plan to do things.

–R., Somerville, MA

The Website Wish Kit includes all this for only $37:

  • A 35-page Guidebook, formatted for easy screen reading
  • A printable 9-page Workbook for recording your responses to the exercises in the Guidebook
  • A bonus Website Checklist so you can record important information about your website in one handy place
  • 30-day 100% money-back guarantee, no questions asked

Ready? Download your copy now:

P.S. Remember that I’m offering a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee on the Website Wish Kit. I will ask for your feedback on how to improve it, but your purchase price will be refunded regardless.