Free Goodies

WordPress Update Checklist

This free downloadable PDF will help you update safely and keep your website in tip-top condition. Feel free to share the PDF checklist with someone who needs it! Remember: Friends don’t let friends use outdated versions of WordPress.

How to Upgrade Anything

This 20-page PDF describes a six-step process for making upgrades less stressful and more successful. Follow the steps when you’re facing a technological upgrade…or, really, a transition of any kind. Don’t quail in fear of upgrading your software, your hardware…or anything at all!

Color Clinic with Amy Crook

This free download includes a one-hour mp3 audio file and a 3-page artist’s tipsheet (by Amy Crook; I’m no artist!) describing how to choose (and more importantly, how NOT to choose) a color scheme for your website, giving you some solid design principles to help you use color effectively, and offering recommendations for upgrading and fine-tuning your website’s colors.