Personal Tech Help

Do you need help with WordPress, plugins, domain names, or web technology in general? Want to make a change to your site, tweak some settings, or add some new functionality?

I can probably help you. And if I can’t, I’ll tell you upfront and do my best to point you to someone who can.

Personal Consultations

If you would like personalized help with your website, my small-project rate (fondly known by my clients as a Unit of Wendy) is $199.

You can book a Unit of Wendy to spend up to two hours on the phone with me getting training, advice, and real-time tweaks, or send me a description of your issue and have me fix it for you on my own (for instance, if we’ve recently spoken during my Open Office Hour so I already know what your situation is).

Here are a few things that can (usually) be done with a single Unit of Wendy:

  • Move a WordPress website from one host to another
  • Switch a WordPress website from one domain name to another (and forward the old domain so anyone who links there will automagically end up on the correct page of the new domain)
  • Set up an SSL certificate so your site displays the “green padlock” secure icon to your visitors
  • Tune up your website by updating WordPress and all your plugins, installing a backup plugin, and setting up automatic backups
  • Troubleshoot a misbehaving contact form, widget, or plugin