PHP Upgrade

If your WordPress website is using a version of PHP that’s lower than 8.0, you may have seen a warning message in your WordPress dashboard or gotten an email from your web host (some hosts are even charging customers extra if they don’t upgrade, citing the cost of supporting outdated software).

Let me handle your PHP upgrade

I can update your website to a more recent, supported version of PHP, with no downtime or site errors.

To do this, I’ll carefully test your site to make sure that none of your plugins, themes, or customizations are going to break when the upgrade is applied. I’ll make sure you have the latest versions of WordPress, your theme, and all plugins.

If a plugin or theme would to cause the update to fail, I’ll consult with you and suggest an equivalent replacement, and explain the pros and cons of removing vs. replacing. We want your site to be future-proof!

I’ll need admin access to your WordPress dashboard and login access to your web hosting account to get started. Most PHP updates can be completed within a few days.