Color Clinic

I held a free teleclass with artist Amy Crook of Not Dead Yet Studios and Antemortem Arts. Amy’s years of experience in graphic design and fine art are a perfect complement to my WordPress geekery; between the two of us you get beautiful form and flawless function. And that goes for our website work, too 😉

In this one-hour conversation, we tell you how to choose (and more importantly, how NOT to choose) a color scheme for your website, give you some solid design principles to help you use color effectively, and offer recommendations for upgrading and fine-tuning your website’s colors.

This call was the official launch of our joint WordPress packages, but this is not a sales call. We had fun picking apart some websites we know and love, and learning to see web colors with a designer’s eye. We’d love to hear what you think of the audio recording!

To download your free copy of the recording plus an artist’s tipsheet on using color effectively online, just click the button: