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Do the work you love, not the tech maintenance you don’t.

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One broken string…and the entire instrument is silent.

Are you:

  • Afraid to press the “Upgrade Now” button in your WordPress dashboard because you fear you might accidentally break your site?
  • Worried by the never-ending stream of plugin updates that bring up that same fear of “what if I break it”?
  • Not even sure what all those plugins are doing?
  • Confused about how to back up your site and keep it backed up?
  • Wishing you could concentrate on your business, instead of worrying about whether your website is vulnerable?

Website Tune-Up to the rescue!

If you’re stressed about backing up your WordPress site, upgrading your themes, plugins, and WordPress itself, I can take care of all of that for you with a quick Website Tune-Up.

You’ll be up-to-date, backed up, and secure in the knowledge that you’re on a par with WordPress experts and their best security practices.

Sign up today and you’ll be tuned up within a week.

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Preserve your peace of mind

If you would also like me to handle all future WordPress upgrades (the software, your plugins, and your theme), add the Peace of Mind Program for a monthly fee. Get one month free if you pay in advance for six months, and two months free if you pay in advance for a year.

Not only will your site be tuned up, it will stay that way, and get the security benefits of always running the latest, most secure version of WordPress.

The Peace of Mind Program is only available to Website Tune-Up and WordPress Package clients — you’ll be offered a subscription to the program after your Website Tune-Up or WordPress Package is completed.

Here’s what’s included in your Website Tune-Up:

  1. A full site backup
  2. Automatic weekly backup scheduled for you
  3.  A scan for malware and server malfunctions/vulnerabilities
  4. Optimize your WordPress database
  5. WordPress software upgraded to the latest version (as long as you’re starting with version 2.8 or higher — contact me for a custom quote if you’re using an older version)
  6. Updating of all plugins that have available new versions
  7. Updating your theme if a new version is available
  8. Another full site backup once everything is optimized and updated
  9. Recommendations by me (better plugins? Plugin/WordPress features you’re not using? I can spot these easily and give you suggestions to get more out of your existing website setup)
  10. One full month of the Peace of Mind Program

Here’s what you get with the optional monthly Peace of Mind Program:

  1. Ongoing use of a premium backup plugin
  2. I’ll log into your site twice-monthly (or whenever a major update is released) and upgrade anything that needs upgrading (WordPress, your theme, and your plugins), with a full site backup before and after upgrades.
  3. I’ll set you up with a free uptime-monitoring service (either Pingdom or UptimeRobot, probably) so you’ll be notified if your site goes down.
  4. If something should happen to your site such that you require restoring from a backup (may it never happen!), I will attempt to restore your site from the last backup. I also know some experts who can help you recover from a hack or crash.

A couple of important caveats:

You should understand that while having backups in place is very important, that alone does not increase the security of your website — it just allows you to recover more quickly, without loss of data.

Staying upgraded does have significant security benefits, but it is only one part of the security puzzle. I can’t guarantee that you’ll be completely safe from hackers, vulnerabilities in your web hosting setup or site code, or random unforeseen events.

That said, I strongly believe that the most basic backup and upgrade precautions (which is exactly what’s included in the Website Tune-Up and Peace of Mind Program) are the most important.

If you are fully backed up and upgraded, your website is less vulnerable to malicious intruders than the majority of sites out there. And online criminals tend to go for the easy targets.

Take your website out of the running by backing up and upgrading — I’m here to help you do it.

Website Tune-Up: $159
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Here’s what happens after you buy: You’ll get a confirmation email, requesting login access to your WordPress dashboard and your web hosting account. Once I have that information, I’ll schedule your Tune-Up and email you to tell you when that will happen. After your Tune-Up is complete, I’ll confirm by email, including any recommendations I have, and you’ll be able to sign up for the Peace of Mind Program for up to a month following your Tune-Up.

Got a question? Shoot me an email or call during my Thursday Office Happy Hour!