How to forward one domain to another using GoDaddy

I recently received this question via email:

“I bought two domain names, and I want both of them to point to the same place (I want to use one of them, and have anyone who visits the second one automatically go to the first one). How do I do this?”

Turns out, I needed to do this anyway for a handful of domain names I bought for the new WordPress class I’m teaching with my friend, energy healer and Project Nanny extraordinaire Meredith Curtin. So while I was busy forwarding domains, I snapped a couple of screenshots to illustrate how easy it is to change this setting from inside your GoDaddy account.

This trick is also useful if you’ve bought both the .com and .net versions of your domain name, or if your nonprofit uses a .org address but you also want people who type the .com address to end up at the right place. I always recommend buying more than one domain.

Forwarding a domain with GoDaddy is a simple 3-step process. Ready? Here we go:

1. Log into your GoDaddy account.

You’ll see a screen that includes a list of your domain names (or the first five, if you own more than five).

"My Account" screen, shown when you first log into

"My Account" screen, shown when you first log into


2. Click on “Advanced Details” for the domain you want to forward.

You’ll see a screen that’s chock-full of settings to change. Don’t be intimidated by this. All you need to do is make one small change!

Look for the arrow-shaped icon that’s labeled “Forward.” Give it a click.

Look for the "forwarding" icon on the Domain Manager screen

Look for the "forwarding" icon on the Domain Manager screen


3. In the popup window, fill in the web address of the site where you want your visitors to end up.

In the example shown here, I’m making sure that anyone who types gets automatically sent to the real class address, which is

Now, if I refer to the class verbally as “The Gentle Art of Making Money” and someone types the whole name, including the “the,” they’ll get to our main class page, because both addresses now point to the same place (try clicking the links in the above paragraph; they really do end up at the same place, with a barely noticeable time lag for the first one).

Click OK to save the changes (you can always edit or remove your forwarding later).

There you go! You have successfully forwarded your domain name to a different address.

Semi-Interesting Note: You can type any web address here. It can be a domain name that you also own (as shown in this example), but you don’t have to own it. The address you type can be someone else’s website, or even a page at GoDaddy really doesn’t care where you’re sending people.

Just type the name of the domain where you want your site visitors to end up, and click "OK."

Just type the name of the domain where you want your site visitors to end up, and click "OK."


4. Bonus Tip: How to forward multiple domain names at once

If you have bought several domain names that you want to forward, you can also batch-forward them to avoid repeating these steps individually for each domain name. To do this, you want to go to your Domain Manager where you can see a list of all your domains:

Batch-forward multiple domains by checking multiple boxes before clicking the green "Forward" arrow.

Batch-forward multiple domains by clicking multiple checkboxes before clicking the green "Forward" arrow.


You’ll want to click the checkboxes next to all the domains you want to forward (you must be forwarding them all to the same destination address).

Then, and only then, click the familiar green “Forward” arrow at the top of the screen. You’ll see a popup window similar to the one shown in Step 3, except that it will indicate that you’re forwarding more than one domain. There’s still only one place to fill the destination, however.

Got any domain-forwarding questions? Leave me a comment and let’s talk!

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  1. Shelagh says

    Super dreamy. And easy peasy to follow. Thanks!!! One thing – when clicking the green forward button, it made me choose – Forward Domain or Forward Subdomain. I picked forward domain. And it worked!!!! Thanks, Wendy!!!

  2. says

    So glad it worked for you, Shelagh!

    Also, thanks for pointing out the drop-down choice between Forward Domain and Forward Subdomain – you made the right selection. Sorry I didn’t mention that in my easy-peasy directions.